Aki’s Monologue

Aki’s Interview – “Malibu Barbie”:

Aki Interview – Malabu Barbie

Aki’s transcript of the interview:

Interviewer #1: What’s your name?
Interviewer #2: No no no no, no names.
Interviewer #1: Oh… Okay. Hi. Um…what are the cliques at Central Tech? … Where do they hang out and what defines them … music, cloths, or hair.
Interviewee #1: Um…
Interviewee #2: Uh… I totally didn’t understand the question (laughing sigh)
Interviewer # 2: Hi. like, if there where cliques at our school/ where would they hang out. Like, uh… like where they hang out and kind of.
Interviewee #1: /Yeah
Interviewee #2: /Mhm/
Interviewee #2:  We have all the smokers and like all the/ artsy people that hang out around the arts building and like in the ally way right there.
Interviewee #1: /Stoners/. Yeah there’s like potheads that hang out in crack head ally, / or what ever you want to call it
Interviewee #2: /Yeah./
Interviewer #3: Where exactly is crack head ally?
Interviewee #2: like the ally way behind Tim Horton’s or / something like that
Interviewee #1: /Yeah, like that little walkway thing by the parking lot.
Interviewee#2: Yeah right there. And there’s like Malibu Barbie and shit/ who chills at like Second cup.
Interviewee#1: (laughs, but its more like a giggle)
Interviewer#3: Who’s Malibu Barbie?
Interviewee#1: /Like all those
Interviewee#2: /Like
Interviewee#2: all the fake plastic bit-… girls…
Interviewee#1: (Laughs giggly laugh)
Interviewer #3: We have those at our school?
Interviewee#2: yeah, we have them at our school.
Interviewee#1: yeah, yeah we really do.
Interviewer#3: I defiantly need to check that out.
Interviewee#1: And they all walk around like they run shit/ and they really don’t.
Interviewee#2: And they all wear Uggs and tights and shit on the same day.
Interviewer#3: Do you know if that rehearsed?
Interviewee#1: I really don’t know, I think/
Interviewee#2: / I really think they are all naturally insecure about themselves…
Intereviewee#1: yeah…
Interviewer#3: That’s really gross (pause, then an abrupt change of pace) Anyhow… (Awkward laugh)
Interviewer#1: (nervous laugh) Yeah… okay so Hi. Do any cliques think they are better then others?
Interviewee#2: Are you Serious? Of course they do.
Interviewee#1: Yeah
Interviewee#2: Like Malibu Barbie.
Interviewee#1: The stuck up, think they run, think they run everything… its really dumb
Interviewee#2: When in reality they can’t even write their own name.
Interviewer#3: (humble laugh)
Interviewee#1: Hmm. Do you belon- is it belong? Yeah its belong, do you belong to a clique? Why or why not.
Interviewee#2: No.
Interviewee#1: /Naw, I wouldn’t say we do
Interviewee#2: /Cause/. Umm I don’t have a label I just wear what ever the hell I wanna wear.
Interviewee#1: I’m not really into the whole (puts on high mocking voice) “oh is that in style, oh that’s not in style, you can’t be with us. Da da da da da.” Type thing you know..? So we just do our own thing…
Interviewer#1: Where do you like to hang out at school? Describe the place and why do you like it?
(awkward stares and nervous laughs)
Interviewer#3: Yeah we didn’t write these questions.
Interviewee#2: we just hang wherever is cleaver at the time. We don’t have a /specific destination
Interviewee#1: /We just/ move around a lot. So… its not just one specific space.
Interviewee#2: (coughs) sorry this hash browns like killing me.
Interviewer#3: (laughs)
Interviewee#1: like if we just sit around in one specific place for too long then we get really bored so we just move around.
(REALLY Awkward silence)
Interviewer#1: Okay… umm… why do you think cliques… exist?
Interviewee#2: Exist?
Interviewer#1: Yeah
Interviewee#2: Everyone wants to fit in somewhere, and if you don’t have a specific group of friends or wherever you just feel like you just don’t /belong.
Interviewee#1: So people are going to act differently then who they really are just to fit in with certain people. If its what makes them happy at the time…
Interviewer#1: Hmm okay, what would school look like without cliques?
Interviewee#2: A big giant gang.
(Everyone laughs a content giggle thingy)
Interviewee#1: Yeah, I agree.
Interviewer#3: (Laughs)
Interviewer#1: Mm… What was the worst thing you every seen happen at school in, in elementary or secondary.
Interviewee#2: The worst thing I ever saw?
Interviewee#1: Yeah in school.
Interviewee#2: um…. I’ve seen… a group of girls making fun of someone that was handy capped and laughing at them very loud so that they heard.
Interviewer#2: That’s…
Interviewer#3: /that’s so low/
Interviewee#1: I honestly can remember all the stuff that happened in elementary school because/ yeah because I try and block things out even though you see things that are really rude. There’s a lot of thing that people don’t see and its not fair to the people who are being made fun of.
Interviewee#2: /because it’s not important/
Interviewer#3: The end?
Interviewer#1: Yeah.

Interviewer#3: Sweet!!! Okay thank you.

Aki’s performance in class (21 January 2010):

Aki – Verbatim Monologue for Blog

Shanny’s Monologue

Shanny’s Interview – “Kanye West”

Shanny Interview – Kanye West

Shanny’s Monologue:

Yea well I was chillin at um the Brooklyn museum, uh I met Kanye West. Yea, yea no just like different art a facts it’s like a history museum buh like Kanye West was in there. I duno he was probably, like. Yea just randomly checking out stuff it was, it was weird. No with security actually, couldn’t get close I seen the Jesus piece though. Nice.
Uh, let’s see, My mom whooped me in church, it was crazy cause I was talking a lot and she said like the pastor needed to get the word out so she whooped me. Couldn’t say anything about it, I felt embarrassed.

Uh, let’s see. I went to the American republic, gotta say I fell in love with the girls, sorry [name]. Um it’s amazing that’s i. I ate a whole bunch of food and chilled at the, one of the hotels over there and um and just visited the town it was pretty amazing, everything was just nice about it, it was very clean very nice everything was just proper. Uh no, it was me, my mom, my father, and like my two little brothers. Uh na, na. Heard there was Crocodiles inside the water so we’re like [eff] that.

Oh well, like my first job was a restaurant and I, my, my um manager told me to go downstairs to get like a bag of rice or something and like I was tired so there was a couch there and I fell asleep on the couch and it was like a couple of hours. She came back downstairs and found me on the couch and told me to just go home. So yea. [laughter] .
Uh… I was, what do you mean locked in? As in like [Sings]  “Locked up they won’t let you out” That type of shit? Oh yea I’ve been locked out my house plenty of times, because my mom don’t like when I stay out so she don’t give me a key. No problem.

Shanny’s performance in class (21 January 2010):

Shanny – Verbatim Monologue for Blog

Tyler’s Monologue

Tyler’s Monologue:

Umm, there’s a lot of clicks at central tech umm, they hang out in front of the school umm, they.. Are defined, I don’t know there just there ….. Like I don’t know how to define them, there just clicks…

yes… that’s what all clicks think, they think there better than everybody or else they’d be……punks

I do not belong to a click because, try not to get shot in my head

I hang out on the ball court, it’s a basketball court, hardwood, I like hanging out there because ball is what I do and ball keeps me off the streets.

clicks exists because teenagers have nowhere to belong, they need a family to belong, and somewhere to be….. to waste time instead of being, instead of doing something time full filling, a click can be good supportly, sometimes in a negative way but it’s what ever


seen somebody get shot in the head……………………… I laughed…………… cause I knew the guy had it coming to him.


Tyler’s performance in class (22 January 2010):

Tyler – Verbatin Monologue for Blog

David’s Monologue

David’s Interview: “Black and White”

David Interview – Black and White

Transcript of the interview:

Interviewer: What are the cliques at central tech?
Interviewee: black people and white people, blacks and whites
Interviewer: Where do the white people usually hang out
Interviewee: my hood
Interviewer: and the black people?
Interviewee: I don’t know im white
Interviewee2: they hang out with me
Interviewer: the black or the whites?
Interviewee2: both
Interviewer: what do you usually do together?
Interviewee: smoke blunts
Interviewer: how does the blunt smoking affect your relationship with the black people?
Interviewee: it doesn’t really, it makes us bond
Interviewer: So where do you get your weed from do you get it from this school?
Interviewee2: I get it medical
Interviewee: I get it from my basement
Interviewer: Do any cliques think they are better than the others?
Interviewee: ya, every clique think they are better than the others
Interviewee2: no
Interviewee: I chill with anyone and everyone
Interviewee2: anybody that’s cool
Interviewer: Why don’t you belong to cliques
Interviewee2: Because they are wack
Interviewee: ya same why are you going to chill with a clique
Interviewer: Well it’s just kind of a group of people with the same kind of interests
Interviewee2: Well that’s usually a gang
Interviewee: ya but I have many interests and not everyone has the exact same interests as me, I have different groups of friends not just one individual clique
Interviewee: certain people like chilling with certain people and that’s that I don’t know they just happen
Interviwer: what would central tech look like without cliques
Interviewee2: a private school
Interviewee: ya a private school straight up
Interviewer: So In a private school everyone just hangs out together or hangs out alone?
Interviewee: basically
Interviewer: and you have been to a private school?
Interviewee2: no
Interviewee: ive been to uniformed schools and alternative schools
Interviewer: Whats the difference between central tech and private schools?
Interviewee: central tech has cliques and it’s a more chill school its relaxed you get your shit done and have a good time
Interviewer: so cliques make it more chillin?
Interviewee: relaxed more relaxed
Interviewe2: not so stuck up
Interviewer: So what is the worst thing that you ever say at central tech?
Interviwee3: I say someone get hit in the face with a shovel
Interviewer: go back to this moment lets hear that again
Interviewee: it was too long ago too long ago its history
Interviewee: someone taking a shit in a urinal, walking into a washroom, its not fun
Interviewer: So you saw the shit taking place?
Interviewee: It made me feel awkward, I didn’t wanta eat my lunch. I was going to the washroom to eat my lunch too
Interviewer: how long was this brown master piece sitting in there for?
Interviewee: at least a couple of weeks
Interviewer: They janitors did not clean it up?
Interviewee: It was the basement washroom here
Interviewer: So what was the smell of it like?
Interviewee: the smell of my dirty asshole what else does shit smell like, didn’t smell fun

David’s Performance of the monologue in class (22 January 2010), followed by a brief discussion about race at CTS:

David – Verbatim Monologue for Blog

Capindo’s Monologue

Capindo’s Interview:

Capindo Interview 1 – “Stoners”

Capindo’s Transcription of the Interview:

Interviewer: Alright, so…social life at CTS. Good morning sir, we are going to interview you. Umm, what are the cliques at Central Tech?
Boy: Ah a couple predominant cliques you know. You got the stoners…obviously…you got the fobs, ah you got what…the snob little grade nines. And umm I don’t know, I’ve seen the Mexicans. And uhh, (laughs), ok that’s pretty much it…ohh and the skaters and those rocker kids.
Interviewer: Umm, where do they hang out?
Boy: Umm pretty much all over the place, but the stoners are always in the back, with the skaters. That’s pretty much it…and the fobs just take over the cafeteria.
Interviewer: What defines them? Music, clothes, behavior…how do they act?
Boy: Umm…well predominantly, their music and clothes, uhh like for the skaters you know, they have the set of clothes. The stoners it doesn’t really matter what you wear…as long as you smoke dope. That’s honest. Umm and for the fobs, yea…it’s usually a shinuzza.
Interviewer: Umm…do any cliques think their better than others?
Boy: Umm, yea…stoners. The stoners think their better than everyone.
Interviewer: Why do you think that?
Boy: Why, because, that’s our mentality. Their awesome like that.
Interviewer: Do they think their better than others?
Boy: Yea…pretty much.
Interviewer: Do you belong to a clique?
Boy: Ah, yea you can say that. Yea…the stoners man. It’s all about the stoners.
Interviewer: Why do you think that…consider yourself apart of that clique?
Boy: Umm cause I sit around all day, with my munchies, and smoke dope. Don’t really go to class.
Interviewer: I know you answered this already…but where do you hang out at school?
Boy: In the BACK, (laughs).
Interviewer: Ok…why do you like it?
Boy: I’ve already answered that question TOO!
Interviewer: Ok…umm, why do you think cliques in general exist?
Boy: So…people can belong to the group. And prove that their better than the other ones, and make the other ones look like shit.
Interviewer: Umm…are there disadvantages and or advantages to being part of a clique.
Boy: You sound like a fucking robot. (laughs). SO FAIL! Umm…yea there’s advantages, ah like…you know you always chill with people. It’s never a dull, you know good times. Disadvantages…umm…I don’t really see any. At least not in my clique.
Interviewer: What would a school look like without cliques?
Boy: It would look like a catholic school.
Interviewer: What does a catholic school look like?
Boy: (laughs), Catholic schools look like a piece of shit, full of like crosses and everything. And everyone has to follow the same crap, like with the uniforms, and yea. It’s very boring.
Interviewer: And last but not least, what was the worst thing you have ever witness happen at school?
Boy: Ah…I witnessed a kid uh, calling a terrorist threat. It was fucking hilarious. Umm…(music in background), good song. Ah yea, I watched a kid get his nose busted in, for trying to steal a pair of jordans. And then his arm broken. Ah…it was actually quite funny. It wasn’t worse, it was fucking hilarious.
Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time sir.

Capindo’s Performance in class (22 January 2010):

Capindo – Verbatim Monologue for Blog

In a discussion after the performance, Capindo talked about the choices he made in writing the monologue, and he made a couple of general observations about the monologues:

Capindo – Discussion Following Monologue

Everett’s Monologue

Everett’s Interview (interviewer is actually Triston):

Everett Interview: “Change the System”

Everett’s Monologue:

I think the cliques are defined by what they do for one you have the smokers, they all just chill and smoke. –“yeah I see you roman” Roman right there is part of the smokers clique he just chills at the front of the school and what I kind of do is just walk around and knock the cigarettes out of their hands. Umm yeah that’s one clique the rocker chick, clique, what ever I was thinking of this one individual chick. They were certain types of clothes that define them as a rocker. They chill at the art building and they are weird.

My clique is CTS. Change the system. Interesting.

I guess a couple girl cliques probably think there number one, but I guess there just gassed.

I don’t belong to a clique I just do my own shit; oh I can’t swear can I? It doesn’t matter. Oh I down my own stuff.

I like to chill where ever the hall monitors aren’t ever the hall monitors aren’t because the hall monitors aren’t there.

I don’t think it’s a clique I think it’s more just groups of tight friends hanging together. And it forms a clique sort of speak cuss there’s a tight groups of friend and the advantage is that you have friends. Cuss I always see some people over here just dolo by themselves just looking miserable. They can join my clique… (Laugh) sike… (Laugh)

School would look the exact same without any people in it, if there were no cliques involved.

The school would be peaceful with or with out cliques because Groups don’t fight other groups.

One of the worst things I saw (laugh) I’m not laughing about the story im laughing at something else. Umm when I was in a younger grade a girl was presenting in front of the class, and it was TRIPY. I was like grade 3…grade 4. Alright thank you for your time I have a great day and great weekend. Thank you very much. My name is Michael.

Everett’s performance (21 January 2010):

Didi’s Monologue

Didi’s Interviews:

Interview 1: “ESL kids”

Interview 2: “Sexually Active Band Geeks”

Didi’s Monologue:

There are SO many cliques in high school. I mean there’s the JV Jocks, (whispers), the angry black people, oh the cool Asians…the Asians Nerds…obviously! The burnouts or stoners whatever you wanna call them. Oh my god, girls that eat their feelings. (Laughs).Girls that don’t eat AT ALL, sexually active band geeks….surprisingly. Oh yea the coolest people you’ll ever meet aka the ESL kids. And of course the plastics! What clique do I personally think is the best? Well I roll with the ESL kids, so I’d have to say them. Cause like you see the way they look at other people…they just stare! (laughs), with SO much confidence! But then again…I’d have to say the sexually active band geeks. Cause like, their so sexually active and happy, AND they play instruments! That’s like a triple threat. So really it’s a tie between the two. Honestly the group that intimidates me the most is the angry black people, well cause their just SO angry! Really if they’d just loosen up a bit, perhaps hang out with the sexually active band geeks; it would totally work in their benefit. School without cliques, would be SO boring. I mean, you need the drama. High school is ALL drama. The stares from other cliques in the hallway…fights in school, boyfriend problems, you need that. Eww so one day, there were absolutely NO ESL kids at school, I was SO pissed. Like how could nobody from my crew be there?! It was like hell had freezed over. So what did I do? I hung out with the angry smokers out front…that sucked. Cause I smelt like smoke, ugh disgusting. That didn’t work out well, SO then I tried hanging out with the sexually active band geeks. I saw them from the corner of my eye sitting in the back tables of the cafeteria (the table with the broken light above it.) I said “hi”, and swear all I did was sit down, and I swear I felt like my virginity was taken JUST by sitting in their chair. Crazy, I felt SO uncomfortable, sitting outside my cliques table. I guess that’s why cliques are so bad? You are so used to being with the same group, that if you try to talk or hang with someone or a group of people that you’re unfamiliar with, you feel uncomfortable, and bothered, nauseous even. So really why do they exist?! I personally think cliques happened from the beginning of time. Seriously, since human life has been on planet Earth! I’m pretty sure the cavemen, got along or had similarities with other cavemen, and kind of created their own clique. Excluding the ones that weren’t similar, or good enough. Then through time, maybe that’s how royalty and class formed? From the grouping of similarities from people, and the exclusion of the not so similar people. Sounds familiar, kind of like in high school? The ‘popular’ clique at school, similar from looks, money, class. And the exclusion, of the not so called “good looking” people, or the poor people, or perhaps the mentally or disabled people. Forming cliques of there own. I think I just answered my question. It’s funny really, and quite stupid. But what can we do? Cliques have been around for centuries, their in the media, in books, we consume everything. I think that is the biggest clique of all, the consumers. And who’s in this clique? EVERYONE.

Didi’s performance (on 21 January 2010), followed by a class discussion:

Didi’s Monologue